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Tree Stand Up – 3 Step Ladder Stand Installer – Fast & Easy – Great Hunting Accessories and Gifts - Made in USA

The latest version of Tree Stand Up - Made from Super tough and lightweight nylon material.
Sales price $34.95
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New and Improved- Tree Stand Up Composite - Used to aid in quickly and easily elevating ladder tree stands. This unique tool creates a pivot anchor point from the ladder legs to the ground. This will eliminate the dreaded kick out as the user attempts to walk up their stand.

- Lite weight and simple to use

- Reuseable! One set can put up all your stands.

- Fits in your hunting bags

- Can be driven into frozen ground with a hammer


Legal Disclaimer:Disclaimer: Donlon Enterprises LLC is not responsible for any injury resulted from the misuse of the Tree Stand Up. While the Tree Stand Up provides extra stability and ease for raising a tree stand when used properly, it does not guarantee that injuries will not occur if not used correctly. Stands must always be placed on firm, level ground and extreme caution must be used when raising them; the Tree Stand Up will not prevent injuries resulted from poor technique and improper ladder placement. Raising tree stands can be dangerous; however, the proper use of the Tree Stand Up is meant to mitigate such danger.